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Welcome to our family history site. Why Appalachian Trails? In researching our North American family odyssey, I realized that nearly everyone was born within — and most remained within — the Appalachian Mountains, from Maine to Tennessee and the Carolinas.

signpostAccording to family records, our ancestors were primarily English, Welsh and German, but include Native American and French ancestors as well. And we have been in North America a long time — aside from our Native American ancestors, nearly every member of the family arrived during the 17th and 18th centuries. With my children, the family tree doubles again and reaches back into central Europe, as their dad was German and a first generation member of his family in the United States.

You can search this site by last name or explore the five most recent generations, which include photographs and brief biographies. Altogether, these five generations cover more than 150 years. Earlier generations are outlined in the surname section, which will be updated as frequently as possible. (Please check the site index for individual surnames.) If you have information to share on earlier generations, I would be happy to include it or link to your site.

Washington Station is a humorous look back at life in the nation's capitol during World War II. It was compiled during the 1940s by my mother, who wanted to capture her memories of daily life during the war years. She arrived in Washington during 1939 as one of thousands of government workers, and left in 1946 as a war bride, a parent and a witness to history.

Most of the family information contained in this site was researched and gathered originally by my mother, Marguerite Howard German, by her aunt, Dora Davis Allen, by my father's mother, Maude Thomas German, and his uncle, David L. German, Jr. They are no longer with us but have left behind a rich legacy to guide our steps back in time.

Please come on in and meet my family…
Carolyn Fox

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